Ami Polymer: Delivering Excellence With Its High-End Packaging Rubber Products

Today, Food and Pharma grade rubber products have become indispensable parts of the manufacturing and packaging of food and medicines. Owing to the non-toxicity of these silicone rubber products, the preparation and packaging processes of these items have become quite an easy job across the domain. The non-reactive properties of these rubber products ensure the quality and properties of food and pharma products effortlessly.

A plethora of service providers functional in this area offers world-class products that can bring ease and effectiveness in this respective domain. But, only a few enriched with years of experience and industry expertise are making their way to emerge as the best of them all! Ami Polymer is one such manufacturing company that offers reliable offerings to its adored customer base.

The company at a glance

A leading manufacturing enterprise, Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. produces high-end Food and Pharma grade rubber products for Pharma, Biopharma, Medical, Industrial, and Engineering sectors. Incorporated in 1998, the Firm is headquartered in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The organization is being led at the forefront by qualified Rubber & Polymer Technologists from premium institutes in India. Under the auspices of its Managing Director, Alpesh Gandhi, the Firm is scaling greater heights.

Moreover, the Company also manufactures a variety of Food grade and pharma Grade Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing, Hose Pipes, inflatable seals, and other rubber products. We also manufacture products with polymers like Silicone, FKM, TPE, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, FEP, and PTFE.

The Firm is well-versed in the formulation of Silicone Rubber products and has been serving the domain for more than 20 years. It takes pride in serving some major enterprises with its exclusive offerings. The Team at Ami Polymer firmly believes that customers are the best assets for any institution. Their best-in-class products with world-class certifications have allowed them to establish strong relationships with their adored customer base.

Unveiling the inspiration behind this entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk. It takes intense efforts and utmost dedication to build a company from scratch. The success of Ami Polymer is a testament to the unwavering efforts put forth by the M.D., to make it stay ahead of the curve!
Alpesh Gandhi pursued his bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Rubber Technology from LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. After attaining the degree, he decided to work for some major enterprises across the relevant domain. But he didn’t find work as an employee for some big enterprises quite alluring and hence, he quit his high-paying job. Afterward, he shifted to Mumbai to seek better career opportunities.

While in Mumbai, he pursued his MBA. To bring financial stability to his educational goals, he commenced a small trading business to earn some profit. Gradually, his venture expanded and bestowed him with great success which intrigued the zeal of delving into the entrepreneurial space. This zealous approach concluded in the inception of Ami Polymer and since then, there is no turning back for him.
It was not easy for Alpesh to commence a business on his own and that too when he belonged to a service-class family. His parents are teachers at reputed institutions and he had no godfather in the business world. But as it is said, if you put your heart and soul into something, everything falls into its place. It has been true to Alpesh’s entrepreneurial journey as well.

What is so unique about them?

When asked about their differentiating factor, Alpesh elucidates that they endeavor to deliver the utmost satisfaction to their esteemed customers with their end-to-end services. Owing to their world-class certification compliances such as E&L Studies, USP class 87, and ISO10993 Biocompatibility studies on products from Toxikon Lab (USA), they have been delivering excellence across the relevant domain. Their exclusive expertise allows them to tailor customized polymers as per customers’ requirements. To this respect, Alpesh asserts,

“Ami Polymer always believes to go beyond that what it can manufacture today in the present. We believe in creating innovation and services for our customers.”

Dealing with the global pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis hit the business world hard and put everything at stake. It has only been a couple of months now since the business world tried to come back on track. Talking off the strategies that Ami Polymer ensured to combat the pandemic, Alpesh states that initiating work-from-home practice was the very first step towards the protective mechanism. Management ensured strict limitations on the traveling of its employees. In the case of serving the essential service industry such as pharma customers, they ensured on-time delivery by taking absolute precautionary measures to prevent the viral spread.

Moreover, they also ensured to help their employees by offering daily essentialities in the hard times amidst Nationwide Lockdown. Also, they assured immediate medical support to their APPL staff in case of emergencies. The strict implementation of the rules finally paid off after the Lockdown was lifted, and Ami Polymer bounced back with the same zeal and dedication. Owing to their optimism and enthusiasm, they have been able to overcome the challenges and uncertainties posed by the global pandemic. This unprecedented time has taught them the significance of digitalization. Operating the business from virtual portals has allowed people to pull themselves closer to their families and also to their staff members, continues Alpesh.

The work culture at a glance

To keep their employees motivated and high-spirited, Ami Polymer has ensured an open culture where employees work with a cordial approach. They ensure employee engagement activities here and there and ask them to share their experiences, innovative ideas, and success stories. They believe that happy and joyous employees are the backbone of a thriving enterprise and hence, offer every possible support to its workforce. Be it the hard times of the pandemic or any other uncertain challenges, Ami Polymer supports its staff in need with utmost care and attention.

In this respect, Alpesh comments, We always believe in 2 aspects- Employee and Customer Satisfaction. By learning about employees’ preferences, our company makes strong bonding and connection between our employees. Thereby, it tends to ensure an enthusiastic workplace and energetic environment to drive extra power that ultimately results in customer satisfaction.


Leading the domain from the forefront, Ami Polymer is incessantly striving hard to emerge as a topmost player in the domain. The achievement ensured by them so far testifies to their diligence and professional acumen. Ami Polymer has been honored with the prestigious award Best MSME of the Year in Jan 2020 by Honorable Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari. One of its prestigious customers acknowledged its delivery and marketing activities performed during the COVID-19 crisis and bestowed this exemplary Firm with Frontline Hero Award.

Moreover, the Indian Achievers Award has appreciated their performance by offering them – the Emerging Company Award 2020.


Ami Polymer foresees a bright and blazing future ahead. Alpesh always envisioned establishing his dream venture as a world-class business empire with an annual turnover of 155Cr. With the high-class facility of the APPL staff members, his vision for his brainchild is about to be turned into reality. Soon, pursuing his extraordinary vision, a world-class facility project with an area of 3 acres on the outskirts of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is about to be commenced.

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